Builder Program

1. Goal of the Program

Story Protocol’s Builder Program supports, mentors, and nurtures current and upcoming projects built on Story Protocol. We will provide technical expertise, marketing know-how, potential grants, and investor networks introductions matching the level of ambition and execution capability of each project. If you're a visionary builder already working on or planning to build a project on top of Story Protocol, we want to talk to you.

2. Who Should Apply

This program is for existing teams or projects planning to integrate with or launch on top of Story Protocol. We are also open to supporting aspiring entrepreneurs ready to take the leap, but they need to show reasonable ability to build a team and present a robust product plan. In rare cases, we might support solo developers planning to launch a product alone.

Many of us are serial entrepreneurs. We know how hard it is to launch a product and iterate dozens of times to find product-market fit. While there are talented entrepreneurs who can make the journey entirely alone, we highly recommend you find some team members who can support you along the way.

Application form
Builder Program

Program Tracks

IPfiInitial IP offering (Kickstarter, Indiegogo style), collateralized lending solutions (BendDAO, Metastreet), fractionalization, tokenization of royalties, staking/liquid staking, bonding curve for IP shares, ERC-404 style hybrid liquidity
Consumer appsContent consumption apps (Webtoon, Wattpad style), social apps (X, TikTok, YT), generative AI (Midjourney,, gaming/metaverse (Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft), interactive storytelling
Creator platform and toolingKYC, KYB, IP infringement monitoring, dispute resolution, collaboration platforms (GitHub for IP), franchise management platform, IP visualizer, plugins for popular CMS (e.g., WordPress, Webflow, Substack, Medium), payment solutions for licenses
InfrastructureOnchain data indexing, bridges, IP specific explorer, fiat on/off ramp, MPC, privacy solutions

B. Grant Program

Once a team or project is accepted into the Builder Program, they will gain access to our Grant Program and VC network support. While the Grant Program is open to every member and follows a no-equity-asked approach, it does demand a hefty operational commitment from accepted members. It expects participants to follow a strict reporting structure with significant time commitment. The program resembles an accelerated learning path, where members must go through detailed proposal submissions, milestone reporting, frequent market research, and product planning updates (marketing, adoption, roadmap). Additionally, grants are designed so that the majority of the funds granted will unlock only at the end of each milestone, with the largest portion distributed when the final milestone is achieved.

Application form will be available to Builder Program members.

C. Funding Support

Between our existing investors and the combined network of our advisors, program members can tap into a vast network of leading investors and experienced mentors. Some of our partners, like Alliance DAO and a16z, can also provide growth support via their accelerator programs. It is important to note that simply being a member of the Builder Program does not automatically qualify for investor introductions. Projects might need to meet certain criteria, such as a thoughtful business plan, domain expertise, an MVP to showcase, or hitting specific KPI numbers if the project is already live. Criteria will likely vary from project to project, depending on the category. Some might be required to demonstrate early signs of adoption, while others can get by with an in-depth technical paper if tackling hard R&D challenges.

Funding support form will be available to Builder Program members.